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Henan Qiaote Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd. is one of very few producing manufacture and suppliers in China which can provide one-stop service.

Henan Qiaote Refrigeration Equipment Co.,Ltd
  1. Scheme
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    technical following

1 Scheme Design

According to customer needs, company provide cold storage board processing and cold storage manufacturing technology suggestions and solutions; Provide on-site guidance for customers' installation sites, and assist users in planning and designing production sites, as well as water, electricity and gas equipment according to actual situation of the site.

2 Manufacturing and Processing

We are one of domestic independent R&D and manufacturing suppliers of cold storage board and cold storage chain, which can provide non-standard cold storage board products and cold storage customized services to meet customer needs; It can independently and intelligently complete a series of coil unwinding - film pressing - feeding - pressing - sawing - cooling - packaging and other processes, which will greatly shorten supply cycle and ensure product quality.

3 Equipment Configuration

Refrigerators, chiller, row pipe is the main components of cold storage equipment, our company selects chiller with famous brands in domestic and international (Panasonic/Emerson), unparalleled stability, the maximum effect to meet needs of overseas customers.

4 Installation and Commissioning

Company has a professional and high-level installation team, which can greatly improve the installation efficiency, shorten the installation cycle, and save a lot of production time for customers. The engineering quality and progress of the entire installation and commissioning process are all controlled, and customers only need to carry out basic coordination, very relieved.

5 Free Training

After installation and commissioning of the user site, company is responsible for providing on-site technical training for users free of charge, and ensure that the user can master the equipment performance,correct operation and maintenance skills; After 6 months of operation, company will send personnel to the user site or remote to train again for operation, maintenance for free, and Users can arrange 2-3 operatorsor maintenance personnels to our company for free training at any time.

6 After-sales Technical Following

Company provides lifelong maintenance services, and our technical personnel will visit and maintain the user equipment from time to time during the working life.

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